We are currently working on something awesome. Stay tuned!

We are working on the new czech.cloud service, essential cloud for anything crypto and blockchain. We are located in the crypto capital city of Europe :-)

Time Left Until Launching
120 days 12 hours 50 minutes 33 seconds

About Us.

We are an independent cloud business solutions company. We offer either EU-hosted or in-house hosted essential business applications. We are your CRM, cloudStorage and always-online OfficeApp solution. Your data is safe with us from any governments. We strictly comply with GDPR. We are based in the EU.

Our Service.

We provide services around cloud-based, OpenSource applications. Every piece of commercial software that costs your company money, we have a comparable (usually better!) alternative available, typically for fraction of the price you would pay to those big sturdy corporates.

Our Approach.

We are a pleasure to work with, providing best-in-class support services. We will never leave you frustrated. Our staff is there for you to provide 24/7/365 support.

Our Vision.

We are your reliable business partner that you can trust. We know from experience that providing a B2B Cloud-based solution is all about trust. We're not in the corporate growth game. If you become our customer, we will do our best to keep you with us forever. We make sure you will not want to leave for an alternative service. We are not out there to please everyone. In fact, we would rather hae 20 - 30 customers for lifetime, rather than hundreds of customers that we cannot serve effectively. We would like you to become part of our family.

Our Objective.

We provide a quality, reliable, available Software Solution as a Service. We are all about the service. You can buy SaaS from anyone, left out with no support, no-one to respond to your calls or emails. If this is good enough for you, we're not the right fit for your company.


Prazska 222/1
Melnik, 276 01
Czech Republic

Phone Numbers.

Phone: (+44) 1622 37 10 12



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